Yes, you can export my salonMonster client list to a Google Doc.  

You can do this by:

Logging into your salonMonster account
Clicking on "Clients" in the left hand navigation
Clicking on "Export " ... "Client LIst":

This will save a file to you computer named "clients_from_salonmonster.csv"
Now open Google Docs:
Click the upload button and click on "files...":

Select the file you downloaded from you computer
The uploaded file will now show up in your Google Docs file list
Click on the file and it should open up the preview view with a "No Preview" icon (Google for some reason doesn't automatically identify and load CSV files so we need to do a couple more steps here)
Click the "Open" button at the lower right of the screen
Again Google will say there is "No Preview Available", this is ok
Click "File" from the top menu
Click "Open with"  .... "Google Sheets":

You should now be able to view your client list in Google Docs.

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