Yes you can add salonMonster to my Facebook business page!

All you need to do is go to and sign up using your Facebook account. Woobox is the Application that allows you to have a webpage within your Facebook page.

To get started click on "Login" in the top menu:

  • Then click on the "Login/Sign-Up" button:

  • Click on "Static Tabs" in the menu at the top of the page:

  • Click on the "Create a New Tab" button and then :

  • This will open the "Customize Tab" page. You don't really need to change anything in the top section (Page tab share settings) but check your "Share Title" and "Share Description":

  • Make sure you select "URL" to the right hand side of the "Page Source" title and then paste the link to your client booking page into the box "URL to load in the iframe window":

  • You can get this salonMonster booking page link by clicking on "Settings" and then "Links/Buttons" from the left hand navigation:

  • At the bottom of the page make sure all three options are set to off (this will ensure everyone can see your booking page) Then click "Save Settings":

Now let's give the tab an image and name. To do this we click on "Tab Settings":

  • Click the "Change" button below the Tab Image to select an image for the tab. You can get an image from the same salonMonster page as where we got the booking page embed code: Settings > Links/Buttons. To grab an image right click it and click "Save image as".

  • Add a name for your tab, I like "Book Online":

  • Click the "Save Settings" button and you're done.

When you go to your Facebook page you should now see a "Book Online" tab:

  • You may also find that this tab is hidden by default. You can always swap it out with another tab. If you have any trouble with this let us know and we can give you a hand with it.

Happy booking!

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