When a staff member is leaving There are two things you probably want to do:


Put the staff member who is leaving "on vacation" for the dates after their departure. This will prevent people from booking them for dates that are after they have left.

To do this:

- Log into the staff members account.

- Click on Settings (left hand menu)

- Click on Hours/Vacations

- Click on the Vacations heading

- A new window will open and you will click on "+ add new vacation"

- Select a start date (example: Oct 1st) and an end date (let's do December 31st to be safe) and then click save

When they leave:

Set the staff members to Inactive or Delete them so that they are no longer shown on your calendar or online booking pages.

To do this:

- Log into your main account

- Click on Settings (left hand menu)

- Click on Staff

- Click on the staff member

To delete:

- Press the delete button at the bottom of the screen

- Click the delete confirmation button that then shows up

To set to inactive (if the person is ever likely to come back and you want to save their details):

- Go to the permissions page, next to the profile button

- Deselect the "Active" checkbox

- Click Save

Step by step video:

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