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How do I add a link to salonMonster to my desktop?
How do I add a link to salonMonster to my desktop?
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It's really easy to add a link to your salonMonster booking calendar to the desktop screen on your computer.

To add a link to your desktop simply:

Open your preferred Web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc).

Open your salonMonster booking calendar.

If not logged in already:

- Go to and click on the Log In button at the top right hand corner.

- Enter your email and password and click Log In

Locate the salonMonster icon at the left of the address bar.

Depending on the Web browser you use the icon might look a little different.

Making sure that your browser window is small enough that you can see your desktop, click on and then drag the salonMonster icon to your desktop. Once it is hovering over your desktop let go and it should add an icon to your desktop with the image of the Web browser you are using and the name of your salon.

Now, to open your salonMonster booking calendar all you have to do is double-click on the icon on your desktop.

On a Mac if you'd like to change the icon you can:

- copy the icon/picture you'd like to use as the iconto your clipboard (โŒ˜C)

- click on the desktop icon and right-click and choose "Get Info"

- click on the icon at the top of the get info window:

- paste the icon/picture you'd like to use (โŒ˜V)

- close the window

You should now have a new icon.

On a Mac you can also save the salonMonster app to your Dock in a similar manner:

Simply drag the small "favicon" icon from beside the Web address bar in safari to the right hand side of your dock (it won't work on the left hand side).

It will create an icon.

You can follow the same process as above to change the icon if you would like.

Another alternative is you can make the salonMonster app run like a native mac app by using an application called Fluid:

Go to and download their app (either free or paid)

Follow their instructions and you will end up with a native mac app that you can use on your desktop or dock.

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