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Adjusting a Product's Inventory Count
Adjusting a Product's Inventory Count

The simplest way to adjust a product's in-stock inventory count number is through the product setting page.

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Go to products: Start by navigating to the "Products" from the main navigation menu of your salonMonster app. This is where all your inventory items are listed and managed.

Select the product you want to adjust: Browse through the product list or use the search function to quickly find the product whose inventory count you need to adjust. Click on the product to access its details.

Adjust Inventory Count: Locate the "In Stock" field within the product details. This field shows the current quantity of the product available in your inventory.

To adjust the inventory count, simply select the number in the "In Stock" field. This will open a window where you can adjust the in stock level for the product. For example, if you need to reduce the count by one, decrease the current number by one. (1)

Choose the Reason for Adjustment: After adjusting the quantity, you will be prompted to select a reason for this change (2). This helps in tracking why inventory adjustments are made.

Choose "Inventory Recount" or any other applicable reason from the options provided to explain why the inventory count was adjusted.

Save the Changes: Click "Save" to apply the adjustment to the inventory count.

Confirmation: Once you've saved the changes, your inventory count adjustment is complete. The system will now reflect the new inventory level for the product.

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