How can I export client emails to use in my mail program

Email is a great way to communicate with your client base.  Because of this we're working on a bulk email tool for salonMonster which will be coming out soon.  In the meantime you can easily export your client emails for you to use in your own email application.

To export your client emails:

  • Click on "Clients" in the left hand navigation
  • Click on "Export" ... "Emails to text" at the top right of the client list page: 
  • Screen_Shot_2013-07-07_at_11.30.17_AM.jpg
  • This should download a text file including all your client's emails separated by commas
  • Copy the contents of this text file
  • Open your email application
  • Create a new mail
  • Set "To" field to be your own email address 
  • Paste the list of emails into the BCC field (It is IMPORTANT to use BCC not To or CC. By using the BCC field your client's won't be able to see each other's email) 
  • bcc.jpg
  • Enter your email subject
  • Write your email
  • Click Send
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