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Creating a recurring time off (like a lunch break)
Creating a recurring time off (like a lunch break)

It's easy to set up a recurring time offs to block off things like lunches, kid pickups and more.

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Open the Calendar: Start by opening up your calendar to the day you want to start your recurring time off.

Select the Desired Time Slot: Tap/click on the time slot that you want to book the recurring time off. For example, if you want your lunch break at noon, click on the noon time slot.

Choose the Time Off Option: Once the time slot is selected, look for the "Block time off" option located at the bottom left menu below the list of client names. Click on this option to start creating the time off.

Enter Time Off Details: Label your time off appropriately. In this case, eg as "lunch break".

Define the duration of your time off: eg. set it to "one hour" if you want your lunch break to be from 12 o'clock to 1 o'clock.

Turn on recurring: Turn on the "recurring" toggle to make the time off recurring.

Set the Recurrence: Adjust the timing to every "4 weeks" or whatever regular interval you require.

Confirm and Save: Once you have set up all the details click the "Book" button to save it.

After saving, you should see the lunch break (or similar time off) scheduled in your calendar, recurring at the specified time and interval.

Review Your Calendar: Skim through future dates in your calendar to ensure the lunch break is set to recur daily (or as per your specified interval) at your desired time.

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