To book time off for a single day or portion of a day follow these easy steps. If you're wanting to book off several days in a row for a trip etc. check out the How do I book off a vacation? question in the FAQ's.

Go to the day and time in the calendar that you would like to book off. Click on the calendar next to the desired time and a pop up window will appear.

Tip: You can also click on the start time you'd like and drag the arrow down to the desired finishing time of your time off. The pop up window will then appear with the start and duration times already filled in.


Click the Time Off button and a new window will pop up.


You can type in a description in the text box (dentist appointment etc.) or simply leave it blank (if left blank, the words Time Off will appear in the calendar view).

The start time will already be chosen from where you clicked on the calendar, you can still change the start time in this screen though.

Under the Duration title, use the drop down list to select how long you would like to be booked off. Then click save and you're all done.

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