To book a new appointment you first go to the specific day in the calendar view. In the column below the appropriate stylist/day simply click on the space next to the time you're looking for.

Tip: You can also click on the space and drag the arrow down from the start time to the finish time of the appointment.

A small text box will pop up asking you to type in the client's name.

  • If this is a new client, then select the New Client button which will allow you to add them into your client list along with their contact details.

  • If it is a returning client you can start typing their name and a list will pop up below. Select the client from the list.

A new window will open where you can select the desired service from a drop down list.

  • The appointment start time will already be set from where you clicked on the calendar earlier. You can still change the start time from this view though.

  • The duration of the service will already be entered depending on your personal settings. You can still change this from here as well.

Fill in any other relevant details or changes and then hit save.

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