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How do I book an appointment?
How do I book an appointment?

Learn how to book an appointment in salonMonster

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Access Your Calendar: Open your salonMonster app and navigate to the calendar section from the left hand menu.

Select a Time Slot: Identify a suitable time slot on your calendar for the appointment. Click on the chosen time slot to initiate the appointment booking process.

Choose a Client: From your client list, select the client for whom the appointment is being booked. You can search for clients by their name, email or phone number.

Select a Service: Choose the service you would like to book:

Review the Appointment Details: Take a moment to review the details of the appointment. Ensure the date, time, client, and service are correct.

Edit if Necessary: If any details need adjustment, such as the appointment duration or notes, edit them accordingly. To do this simply click on "edit service".

Set as Recurring (Optional): If the appointment is recurring (e.g., weekly styling), select the recurrence pattern (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) and specify the frequency.

Choose Reminder Preferences: Decide how you want to remind the client about the appointment (e.g., email, SMS). Set the reminder preferences accordingly. In order for a reminder option to be available the client must have either and email or mobile phone number (or both).

Save the Appointment: Once all details are confirmed, save the appointment.

Send a booking confirmation: Decide whether you want to send a confirmation to the client.

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