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Cancelling or rescheduling a booking
Cancelling or rescheduling a booking

How can you cancel a booking with your salon

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You can easily cancel or rebook your appointment using your salon's online booking page.


  • Some salons do not allow clients to cancel their appointments

  • Many salons restrict how close to an appointment's time it can be cancelled

In either of these situations please contact your salon by phone to discuss your appointment.

The easiest way to cancel an appointment with your salon is to use the quick access link in your email booking confirmation or reminder:

Simply click on the link and then click the "Cancel" or "Reschedule" button:

If you don't have an email with a quick access link simply go to your salon's booking page and log in at the top of the screen.

Then if rescheduling your appointment pick a new appointment time and complete the booking.

Your stylist will be updated with the cancellation or rescheduling details.

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