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Creating a Front Desk / Reception account (non-bookable staff)
Creating a Front Desk / Reception account (non-bookable staff)

You can set up an account to allow staff who don't take bookings to log into and manage your salonMonster.

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Sometimes you need to have a login for salonMonster for a user that doesn't do services for clients themselves. Some examples are:

  • Front Desk / Receptionist account

  • Business manager account

  • Accountant / Bookkeeper account

This is easy to setup in salonMonster and doesn't count against your account's total staff number. (That is calculated only using staff who clients can book with.)

To set up a non-scheduling staff member:

Click on Settings in the menu.:

Click on Staff to view the list of staff:

Scroll down the page to the end of your staff and click on + Add staff member :

Enter a name for the account. Either the staff member's name or something like "Front Desk". Then enter an email for the user's login.

Now here's the important bit. We need to disable the Scheduling (has a calendar) option. This will mean the user can log in and access the salonMonster account but bookings can not been made for services with this user. The setting should look like:

If you want the user to have complete access to all the aspects of salonMonster set them as an administrator. This is great for people like a business owner who does not do services:

If you don't want them to be an administrator, but want them to be able to make bookings with all staff members, you can do so by turning on Can view all clients of the salon and Can view all staff calendars :

Once you're happy with the settings click "Save" and it will email the password for the account to the email address you selected.

When you log in using this account it will default to the "All Staff" calendar view. It's a great option for your front desk account.

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