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Changing the staff member you are viewing
Changing the staff member you are viewing

salonMonster has an easy to use staff picker that makes it simple to change between which staff member you are viewing.

Updated over a week ago

SalonMonster's Staff picker:

salonMonster's staff picker is a drop down menu that we use throughout the SalonMonster application in several different spots: booking pages, client lists, reports and settings.

The staff picker will only appear on multi-staff accounts, not on solo accounts.

To use the Staff Picker, we simply click on it:

It will open a dropdown list of staff at the salon:

You can pick from the dropdown which staff member we want to view. Once clicked it will load that staff member's calendar.

It's easy to jump between the calendars for multiple different staff members on here, or we can go to an all-staff view where it will show us bookings for all staff:

The staff picker is also used in many other places in the app including:

  • client list

  • settings

  • reports

  • services

  • products

  • tipping

The staff picker serves as an easy way to swap between staff members throughout the app.

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