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Everything you need to know to transfer information from Square and import to salonMonster

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In order for us to import your information from Square you first need to export it out of Square. Here a re some instructions for doing this. The preferred file types are CSV and Excel. Once you have the files simply send them to us either through a chat window in the app or email it to [email protected].

Exporting your clients from Square

  1. Sign in to your Square account and go to your dashboard.

  2. Go to Customers in the menu on the left.

  3. Select Directory on the left.

  4. Select Export Customers.

  5. Select All Customers.

  6. Select Export to begin the process.

  7. Select Download to save the file.

Exporting your appointments from Square

  1. From the History tab, you can view and export your appointment history.

  2. Select Export in the top-right corner.

  3. Follow the prompts to save the file to your device.

Exporting your Item Library from Square

  1. Go to Items on the left hand menu.

  2. Select the Actions drop down.

  3. Select Export Library.

  4. Select which format to export to. CSV and Excel are both fine.

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