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Adding Barcode Scanning SKU to a Product
Adding Barcode Scanning SKU to a Product
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Navigate to the Products list: Log in to your salon Monster app and select the "Products" option from the main menu.

Find the Product: Browse through the list of products until you find the one to which you want to add a barcode-scanning SKU.

Open Product Details: Click on the product to open its detailed view. This is where you can edit or add information related to the product.

Locate the Product Code/SKU Field: In the product's details page, find the field labeled 'Product Code/SKU'. This field is used for entering the product's unique identifier, including barcodes. Select this field so that you can enter a value.

Scan the Barcode: Use your barcode scanner to scan the product's barcode. Ensure the barcode scanner is connected to your device and operational.

Capture the Barcode: Upon scanning, the barcode number should automatically populate in the 'Product Code/SKU' field. Make sure the scanned number matches the product's barcode.

Click Save: After the barcode number has been entered into the field, select the 'Save' button located at the bottom of the page:

Test the Barcode: To ensure the barcode has been successfully linked, try scanning the product barcode in a sale transaction. The system should automatically recognize the product and add it to the sale.

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