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Adding a New Product
Adding a New Product

Here is how to add a new product to your salonMonster account.

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Navigate to the Products Tab: Open Salon Monster and select "Products" from the main navigation menu.

Access the Products list: Click on the "Products" option within the tab to open the Products section.

Add a New Product: Select "+ NEW PRODUCT" button to start the process of adding a new product.

Enter Product Details:

  • Product Name: Enter the name of the product you wish to add.

  • Brand (optional): Select the brand that the product is associated with from the drop-down list.

  • Product Category (optional): Choose the appropriate category for your product from the provided options.

  • Product Supplier (optional): Select the supplier of the product from the drop-down list.

Add Additional Information

  • Size (optional): Enter the size of the product.

  • Description (optional): Provide a detailed description of the product.

  • Fill in any other details required for the product as per your needs.

Save the product: Once all the necessary information has been entered, Select the "SAVE" button to finish adding the product.

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