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How to Add a Product to a Customer Sale
How to Add a Product to a Customer Sale

Using salonMonster to add a product to a customer sale

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Adding products to clients can be very important, we know that! Here's how you can charge those clients for your products.

First you'll need to be on the booking page and choose which client you would like add to the product to.

After selecting which booking you are adding a product to you'll be brought to their booking details. From there you will want to click the check out button.

Here you can see the details of the booking. On the top right of the client section you can see the "+ Add Item", which you will want to select.

A drop down menu will appear and you will want to select the "add product" option.

Once clicked, you'll get a list of all the items that you are able to choose from to add to the booking. Make your selection and it will be added to the client section.

Once it has been added, you can also make adjustments to the product. Whether it be a discount or change in taxes.

Once you've hit save on any changes you've wanted to make, you'll then go to add payment.

The product will have been added to the booking, and you'll add the payment like you would for the original service.

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