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Using the Wait List

How to add someone to the wait list or move them from the wait list to your calendar.

Updated over a week ago

The wait list function allows you to easily add clients to a list for future bookings. Once a spot comes available it is easy to book them into it right from your waiting list.

To add someone to the wait list:

Go to the main menu and select "Wait List":

Then select the + in the top right corner to create a new wait list request:

Choose the client you want to add to the wait list:

Choose the service they are looking for:

You can add any specific notes about the customer's request to the "Notes" field:

Select "Book" at the bottom of the page to finish adding them to your wait list:

To book someone into your calendar from the waitlist:

When you are ready to move a client from the waitlist to your calendar:

Go to the main menu and select "Wait List":

Select "Book" under the client you want to add to your calendar:

The app will display your booking calendar so you can select the time slot you wish to book the client in at. Navigate through your calendar and simply click on a time slot to book in the client:

This will then open up the booking window. Make any adjustments to the booking the select "Save" to complete booking the client in from your waitlist.

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