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Charging a customer using your payment terminal
Charging a customer using your payment terminal
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This document outlines the steps to process a payment using the Salon Monster payment terminal. The process can be executed on various devices such as mobile, desktop, or tablet.

  1. Select a booking:

    • Begin by selecting a booking on your calendar

  2. Start the sale:

    • Click "Check out" to start the sale process.

    • Add any products or services to the sale

    • At this point, you have the option to add a tip, but it's not necessary as the card reader will prompt for it later.

    • Click "Continue"

  3. Select Payment Method:

    • Click on "Charge" to start the payment

    • If your card reader is not connected it will display a warning, just click "Connect"

  4. Customer Adds a Tip (Optional):

    • The payment terminal will display the total amount and provide an option for the customer to add a tip.

  5. Process the Payment Card:

    • The client now simply taps/swipes or dips their card on the terminal to process the payment.

  6. Assigning the Tip (If Applicable):

    • If in a multi-chair salon: After the payment, assign the tip to a staff member.

    • You have the option to split the tip among multiple staff members.

  7. Save and Complete the Sale:

    • Click “Save” to finalize the transaction.

  8. Send Digital Receipt:

    • You have the option to send a digital receipt to the customer.

    • Review and send the receipt to complete the process.

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