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How to charge a customer for a no show
How to charge a customer for a no show

If a customer no-shows for an appointment you can charge their credit card on file.

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Charging a Customer for a No-Show

Select the Customer: On your calendar, select the customer you wish to charge for a no-show.

Check that they have a card on file: Once you click on the customer, their booking will open. Ensure that the customer has a card on file, as this is essential for the next steps.

Initiate Checkout: Click the "Checkout" button to proceed with charging the customer for the no-show.

Skip Rebooking (If Applicable): In this scenario, choose not to rebook the customer by simply continuing to the checkout process without selecting any rebooking options.

Adjust the Charge: Upon reaching the checkout screen, you'll notice the service is set to charge the full price. You will need to adjust this if you only charge a percentage of the service no-shows. To charge only the no-show fee: Select the service.

Select the "Add a discount".

Select the "No Show Discount," which will reduce the charge by 50% (or whatever level you set it to in your Discounts).

Click "Save" to apply the discount.

Charge the Customer: Select the "Continue" button at the bottom to proceed with charging the customer's card on file.

Review the card details and the total amount to be charged, then confirm by selecting the "Charge" button.

Next, you'll see a screen where you pick how to pay. Select the "card on file" option.

Select the "Charge" button to complete the transaction.

Send a Receipt: After the charge has been processed, you can send the customer a receipt by selecting the "Send Receipt" button.

Review the Transaction: You can now view the appointment as "Paid." To review the receipt and the charge applied to the customer's Credit card, simply view the receipt details.

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