When you're moving from Vagaro to salonMonster we can import your Vagaro data for you so you're ready to go with all your information!

We can import from Vagaro:

  • Client details

  • Bookings

  • Products

To do this we just need you to export your data from Vagaro and send it through to us. We'll take care of the rest 🪄

To export your clients:

  • Click Reports at the top of the screen.

  • Click Customers on the left side of the screen under Customers.

  • Click Advanced Filters.

  • Click the drop-down under Service Provider to select the employees whose customers you want to export. ...

  • Click Run Report

  • Click Export at the bottom of the screen to export the report to an Excel file

To export your bookings:

For each employee:

  • Click on "Settings"

  • Click on "Employee profiles

  • Make sure "Share calendar" is turned on

  • Click on "Share calendar"

  • Select the correct timezone

  • Copy the URL from the 2nd field below the timezone one.

Send us each URL along with the employee's name.

To export your products:

  • Navigate to Settings > Inventory > Management.

  • At this point you can choose to limit the products you export via the Search and Advanced Filter options.

  • Click Search once you're finished applying any filters you want.

  • Click Export to export the inventory list to Excel.

Once you've exported your data just send it through to us via our support chat or to [email protected] and we'll get onto importing it for you 👍🏻 🎉

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