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Switching to salonMonster
Moving from Phorest to salonMonster
Moving from Phorest to salonMonster
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When moving from Phorest Salon Software we are able to copy across the following items:

  • Clients

  • Bookings (optional)

  • Products (optional)

  • Services (optional)

To copy this data across we will need you to export the information from Phorest. We'll guide you through how to export this data in the guide below. If you'd like one of our team to help you do the export please contact our support.

To export your client data:

Open Phorest

Follow the guides below to export each type of data:




(Because Phorest doesn't export the durations for services as part of the Staff Appointments list we need to export your services separately and then map them to the each booking to get the correct booking length. So if you would like us to import your appointments please also export your services as well.)

The best export format for us is "CSV" file.

Once you're ready please send the CSV files to us at [email protected] along with your salon name.

If you run into any challenges just let us know and we can help out!.

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