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How to attach an Image to a Bulk Email
How to attach an Image to a Bulk Email

Learn how to attach an image to a bulk marketing email

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Access the Marketing Section: Open your salonMonster app and select the "Marketing" option located in the left-hand menu.

Select Recipients: Choose the clients you wish to send the email to. You can select specific clients, staff members, or use filters to narrow down the list. In the example provided, the selection is made for all clients of a staff member named Sven, totaling 218 clients.

Review Recipient List: Click on the displayed number of clients (e.g., 218 clients). This action will show you a list of all the clients included. You have the option to toggle on or off specific clients from this list if you do not wish to send the email to them.

Compose Your Email: Enter a subject for your message. In the example, the subject is "New Kevin Murphy Products in Store".

Add Email Content: Start typing the body of your email. You can format the text as needed, such as centering it. Add any extra lines or spaces as required to enhance the readability and layout of your email.

Insert an Image: Click the option to add an image within your email composition tool. Select the desired image from your files and insert it into the email.

Preview Your Email: Before sending the email to all recipients, it is highly recommended to send yourself a preview. Check the preview to ensure that the formatting looks correct and the content appears as expected.

Send the Email: Once you are satisfied with the preview, go ahead and send the email to your selected recipients.

Get Support: If you encounter any issues or have questions, do not hesitate to contact the support team for assistance.

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