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Sending a bulk email marketing message
Sending a bulk email marketing message

Sometimes you want to send an update or marketing message to all of your clients (or a subset), this allows you to do that.

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To send a bulk email to your clients start by navigating to the "Marketing" section:

Click on "Marketing" in the main menu:

Once in the Marketing are you will see the email composer that you can use to create your client email.

Selecting your target audience:

If you have multiple team members, at the top of the page you can select whether you want to email the clients of all team members, or just one:

Below that you can select if you want to email all of those clients, or just clients who meet certain criteria, you can select from:

  • Email all clients

  • Clients whose appointment is (between 2 dates, after a date, before a date)

  • Clients who spent (over a certain $ amount)

  • Clients whose birthday (is on or between dates)

  • Clients who has a specific service (eg. Haircut & Highlights)

If you select an option other than "Email all clients" you can then set the criteria for that sub-group: eg, date range, $ value, service name.

Once you have selected which clients to send to the page will tell you the total. number of clients this message will send to:

You can click on this to view a list of the clients that it is going to send to.

It is possible to exclude clients from the message by clicking on "Exclude clients" and entering in the client names.

Composing your email:

You can start composing your emailing by entering a subject for in the "Email Subject" text field:

Then enter in your email body in the large text area below:

You can adjust text styling, include links and photos using the toolbar above the text area.

Preview your email:

Once you're done composing your email it is a good idea to send a test version of it to yourself. To do this simply click the "Send me a preview" button:

This will only go to your email, so you can review the formatting before sending.

Sending your email:

After you are happy with how your preview email looks, you can send it by simply clicking the "Send it" button:

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